A-Z Wholesale Termination

A-Z Wholesale Termination


High Quality VOIP Termination


Premium Routes


Standard Routes

We are mainly resellers of high-quality VOIP Termination to all A-Z International destination

Although we are resellers, we offer one of the better quality VoIP termination services at reasonably low rates. Since we have interconnected with multiple other termination providers, we can guarantee the lowest possible rates to any destination. Businesses looking for high-quality routes for their retail customers and also businesses interested in moderate-quality wholesale routes are certain to benefit greatly from our VoIP termination routes and services.

  • Provide for failover routes which ensures near-Zero downtime.

  • Free Testing provided.

  • 24 x 7 Monitoring by our NOC team

  • Provide the CDR reports on a daily or weekly basis

  • Enable you to get started within a couple of hours


Premium Routes

  • High-quality with routes

  • Calling Line Identity(CLI) presentation

  • Guaranteed Quality of Service(QOS)

  • Includes reports on the quality parameters

Standard Routes

  • Moderate quality with best effort

  • No CLI presentation

  • Best effort Quality of Service(QOS)